my body      curves and fat no boobs a fucking ass  tortured insides     nurtured heart   bienheureux survivant 

HolyWhore (2016-2018) / samedi, juillet 1st, 2017

experience of feeling    dirty old shits
somnambulisme spit and vomit    my body    destruction
acid stomach     greasy saliva    sweaty tentacles
down the throat    dontlookback neverlookback  againgaingaingain
bourre moi de tes menteries      when i was young
my grandfather me disait souvent     come on my knees    tell me your lies
love in his eyes    dad is no monster   mom is no angel

humanity pity   holy crappy compassion   fucking disgusting confessions
Father i have a sin     Brother  i told you     don’t judge me
don’t judge me

i still remember this beautiful dream

_____      ______    ____________

j’ai de nouveaux cahiers
blank pages   perfectly white pages
needed a new history    past is no place to be
i am a living body     parasites and old templates

my body      curves and fat no boobs a fucking ass
tortured insides     nurtured heart   bienheureux survivant
i am a living being

loveyourselfenough pour savoir
que tu as fait de ton mieux     horrible shame    ôôô  motherfucking
big tragedy    laisse tomber les rideaux   commence un nouveau show
laughing clowns   c’est pas des lambeaux     on the stage
j’ai pas de couteaux    j’ai trois corbeaux
an altar    chandeliers     coupes         bring the lamb    drink the wine
gloupgloupsipsip hihihi   laughing clown

look, look     an entertaining nouveau show
une page blanche      my spirit is free     heart soul body cocreating
un moment s’il vous plaît     ahumhum clapclap       hey   chut chut
let’s feel   take a moment pour ressentir

HONEY sWeet pupppppppp   puppppppy pupupuppyhihihi

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MONKEY     wonderful place to be
my body    imagination    great invention     body soul heart whispering
go to sleep   sadness dancing with hope    demain demain demain

white bed white walls white floors      purity

dreams    away from this feeling
emptiness      ___________________    what have i done?
guilty    la sentence est tombée       no emergency exit
l’exutoire impossible       ressens câlisse      dreams will come ensuite

laisse tomber les rideaux     silence clapclap
crying clown    hoping woman standing     mirror
réflexions    je l’entends penser

elle dit : aurais-tu pu imaginer…

forget about it   let’s clear the past   dirty clothes
fabrique-moi un costume

viensviensviens     happy puppy  sweet monkey

let’s write a new story

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