The spy in my brain

HolyWhore (2016-2018) / vendredi, juin 9th, 2017

spy a spider in the corner     my window
the reflections of my sorrow
rain pain fucking burningsoul   would i suffer less if i diiiiiiiiie
die die die motherfuckerdie
who is the one thinking for me
am i this entity? lonely walking on the air
purple scars and suffering skins
are you the monk laughing in his cheeks
biting his lips  looking for my next standupcomedyshow
am i the one on the scene
under those orange spots, red blood on my knees
licking sucking fucking my fingers
everyone is here
they want me to deliver
my baby is crying    my stomach isn’t empty
he is so tall i can see his toes
white as the snow is white
blue blue am the one suffocating
waiting for the applause?

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